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Sanitary place should not be spared the budget 8
  • Date: 2018-01-21
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Budgeting can save a province is a lot of decoration wish, but the bathroom between the functional strong, if not the province where omitted to leave many hidden dangers. So everyone in the program when it is best to first understand clearly what can not be the province, in order to avoid future add unnecessary trouble。

1、Pipeline budget can not be the province
Hydropower is not good, the decoration is equal to zero. Bathroom is a place where multiple hydropower, if installed after the design, selection of problems caused Water Leakage leakage, the cost of rework is not a small sum of money. Thus early would choose pipe, wire, wire and good quality tube, and the wiring shall comply with the provisions of.

2、The socket can not be reserved
With the space to expand, more functions, bathroom appliances are also more and more. Many families with intelligent toilet, bath room, massage bathtub, multifunctional bathroom cabinet and other sanitary ware or television, audio and other audio-visual equipment. Decoration budget is limited, but also to the socket for good, in order to avoid future trouble re wiring.

3、Waterproof material can not be the province
Bathroom waterproof is also very important. Not only material is better, but also according to the requirements of painting. The ground water to brush two times and 24 hours of close water test, and the wall of water should be the height of the 180cm. The corner, water side of the waterproof to do more carefully, this is the most likely problem areas.

4、Non slip surface can not be the province
Bathroom ground often feed, Pu common tile people walk in the above easy to slip. Particularly the elderly, children should pay more attention to the problem. Therefore to the bathroom the ground material must pay attention to its non slip, although the price is expensive, but the safety and health in exchange for it is family when using.

5、Heating equipment can not be the province
A bath at home has become the most people's living habits, but usually the bathroom is not a warm place, especially in the winter, a large temperature difference of people get sick easily. Therefore, the essential to warm heat sink, bath bully heating equipment is the bathroom between objects. Product types according to the specific circumstances.

6、High quality sanitary ware not Province
The frequency of use of sanitary ware, after installation is rarely change, so select product quality must be better. Otherwise, every two or three days appear problem, not only to repair the trouble, also easily lead to Water Leakage, difficult to clean, can not use etc.. One of the leading and hose selection is very important, choose bad will often change.

7、Toughened glass can not be the province
Often heard that a shower room, glass basin and other explosive wounding incidents, mainly with the quality of glass has a great relationship. Good tempered glass is generally difficult to break, also won't hurt and broke. Therefore, in order to safe use, you don't like a cheap, try to choose the high quality, good brand reputation.

8、Commonly used items can not be the province
The floor drain, the ceiling is the bathroom between the common but inconspicuous object. Their quality directly affects the normal life of the people. The floor drain choose bad easily lead to poor drainage or sewage back to taste, ordinary light damp after is not bright, so the lamp must do moistureproof processing.

Buy a house to spend a lot of money is a bottomless pit, and decoration. The province to province, where the flowers would spend. Bathroom budget almost include building materials, equipment, installed software, artificial aspects of cost, so the computational complexity. Some poor decoration companies will be doing sanitary budget have Maoni, so get the budget will check it.

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