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Southern China Ming sanitary ware is management personnel to be engaged in sanitary ware industry management technology more than 25 years, south Ming company set product development, production and sales in the integration of technology import and export enterprises, the production base is located in Shuikou Town Guangdong city of Kaiping Province, with advanced technology, excellent quality and high quality customer service service products, now covers the advanced intelligent thermostatic faucet, kitchen faucet hardware, its products by domestic and foreign consumers, become the brand of choice for the majority of agents and consumers.

Southern China Ming bathroom to target scientific management of enterprises, the quality of purpose, customer centric approach to honesty, trust, professionalism, enterprising, harmonious, innovative, scientific long-term business philosophy. Adhere to innovation, quality first, quality assurance for customers to bring, rest assured that the use of high-end bathroom and comfortable enjoyment of life, keep pace with the times, continuous improvement, quality assurance, customer trust, develop brand production and sales, expand the international market, Southern China Ming quality expert.

Warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to inquire, and work with you to work together for common development.

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