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Bathroom design style is a global trend
  • Date: 2023-08-28
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Now, in the bathroom product design, designers to consider factors is different, for example, recently popular what home style, foreign consumers Pro gaze to which types of bathroom products, the choice of materials and style to how fusion and so on, with the strengthening of the trend of globalization, bathroom design style also showed a trend of globalization.

The global design style gradually to the classical and modern transition
The development of the Internet makes information interactive communication more and more quickly, around the world design style also more and more fusion together, we can see the nostalgic style is gradually to the classical and modern style transition colours become fuzzy and moderate, so that the overall design is more intimate and flat. In the design of the shining color gradually fade, soft tone is slowly coming, these unique color and subtle tones to achieve a balance and harmony.

Geometric elements to flush the bathroom design space layout
Geometric elements and the rise of development to today, from simple hale and hearty, to the development of continuous exploration of space geometry, from the performance of the extremely rich change, a variety of geometric tiling pattern classes rise. Embodied in the solid geometry space structure and micro environment of cells or molecules arranged on the microcosmic nature geometry texture, bathroom product design bring unexpected visual impact, will also be the overall layout of the bathroom space into the bathroom design alone.

Global cultural integration has enriched the type of bathroom product design
As the economy is more closely integrated and the depth of the Internet penetration, the impact of globalization has entered a deeper level of human life. Cultural factors in different regions have been spread to the past can not be achieved in the past because of the accelerated flow of human and information. African style, Neo romanticism, Oriental Zen, Persian culture and so on, even including some more niche cultural mix and match elements and ideas, the rapid emergence of in the direction of a variety of products, and spell the whole structure of the global art, bathroom design also follow these cultural fusion element has a colorful design.

The concept of green environmental protection is becoming more and more abundant
The concept of environmental protection is increasingly being mentioned, its performance is not only the public awareness of environmental protection, while the continuous introduction of environmental protection policies are constantly promoting the implementation of. Recycling the theme of environmental protection is still maintained the corresponding heat and in constant evolution. Based the traditional raw material such as natural log, rough linen, raw hemp rope, coarse stripe and plaid continuation of the simple and beautiful natural style, leading the development of the theme of green environmental protection, reflecting the original aesthetic. Primary application of galvanized iron, copper and other metal material is on the rise, as the theme of environmental protection product design brings more creative space.


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