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How to choose a good faucet?
  • Date: 2022-12-21
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In addition to the appearance, it is important to choose the quality of ordinary faucets; The following five methods and steps should be paid attention to when purchasing high-quality faucets:;
1、 Look at the surface; The surface of the faucet is generally treated with nickel and chromium plating. The coating process of the regular products is relatively high, and the surface has uniform luster, without burrs, pores, and oxidation spots;
2、 Hand feeling; The shell of the main parts of the first-class faucet is generally cast from brass. The higher the brass purity, the better the electroplating quality, and the less corrosive the surface electroplating layer is; The inferior products will be replaced by alloy materials and engineering plastics in some places to reduce the cost, so the service life and quality will be greatly reduced; It is recommended to select faucets made of brass as much as possible; Brass has a large proportion, so you can estimate the weight when purchasing. Brass is heavy and heavy, and you can feel the center of gravity when holding it heavily; The alloy material has low density, soft feeling and even center of gravity; Engineering plastics are light in the hand; In addition, the national standard stipulates that zinc alloy materials are not allowed to be used for parts directly contacting with drinking water;
3、 Listen to the voice; A good tap should be cast brass as a whole, and the brass sounds dull when struck; If the sound is relatively clear and crisp, it is generally made of stainless steel or alloy materials, and the quality is a grade lower;
4、 Touch the edge and corner joints; The corners of superior faucets are round without burrs, sharp edges and corners, etc; In addition, the joints between the main components are also very tight, without any looseness;
5、 Check the valve element accessories; The quality of the valve core is the key to the faucet. The process of the valve core of the superior faucet is accurate. When the handle swings to drive the valve core, you can feel that it is not loose or tight, light and free of blockage.
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