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As the first low carbon environmental protection into the mainstream sanitary ware industry
  • Date: 2018-01-23
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"Low carbon", this is because in recent years environmental problems become more and moreattention by the word, low carbon life and energy saving and environmental protection has become a public consensus, and gradually deep into every aspect of production and life. Building materialsare the most close to the daily life of people of the industry, so it is one of the most concerned object people. Home Furnishing industry of furniture, flooring, wooden doors which use wood in the production of enterprises to "low carbon" as own duty, ceramics, bathroom etc. in the process ofproduction and use of energy more enterprises are trying to make a contribution to the "low carbon and energy saving".

With the continuous improvement of living standard, consumers pay more and more attention tothe bathroom, following the kitchen electricity, sanitary ware is a burst of growth, such as sauna room, massage bathtub, intelligent toilet should sometimes xing. Health and water saving is a theme of bathroom products over the years, as the traditional industries of high energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection of the concept of sanitary ware industry has be one's unshirkable responsibility of the play, is be imperative. Industry insiders have pointed out, low carbon economy has become a hot market long-term, and energy saving and environmental protection will offer hard threshold for sanitary ware industry. To improve the access threshold, will undoubtedly make bathroom enterprises to improve their own quality, energy saving and environmental protection requirements will make building materials enterprises to re-examine their position, and thus more conducive to the long-term development of.

In the building materials market, we often can see, each big brand sanitary ware made healthy andwater saving such slogans. From the bathtub, toilet, to the urinal, be able to various antimicrobial antifouling and water saving parts in a science and technology to change. Believe that this product can meet the majority of consumer psychology.

Facing the intense market competition, demand is an important precondition of the development ofthe market, the bathroom, the launch of what kind of product or service regardless of the enterprise, the premise must is to need to study the market demand, found. Now consumers in the purchase of sanitary ware products of health and environmental protection will become the first factor. Sanitary ware enterprises should do market analysis and positioning, and continuously research and development and production can meet the demand of the environmental health ofhigh quality products, to remain invincible in the market competition.

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